hotel close to the faraglioni vietri sul mare

The Hotel Raito provides spectacular views of the faraglioni, (coastal and oceanic rock formations) at Vietri sul Mare which means that guests are able to stay in unique accommodation that is really one of a kind.

From the rooms and suites, from the communal areas and the outdoor area of the “Il Golfo” restaurant, you will be able to see the “Two Brothers” (Due Fratelli) otherwise known as the faraglioni di Vietri which is a sight of wonder and source of pride throughout the Amalfi coastline.

The hotel is really close to the Faraglioni di Vietri because these rise up from the sea in front of the Marina di Vietri beach which is just to the left of the hotel.

These rock formations got their name of “The Two Brothers” according to two different legends.


According to the first legend, the faraglioni were formed as the result of a duel between two knights during the siege of the city of Salerno by the Saracens.

The duel, which took place between Umfredo dei Landolfi, a count of Salerno, and the Saracen Prince Rajan, would have decreed the end of the battle as a result of the victory by one or the other.

The battle between the two commenced in Salerno and continued until they reached Vietri sul Mare.  The contenders arrived here exhausted with no strength left.  They leaned against two rocks to try and get their breath back and they each saw that the coat of arms on both their shields was identical, which meant that they were in fact brothers.  And, tragically, at the moment of realisation, they were both engulfed by the sea.

The other legend links the name of the Faraglioni to a historic gesture that was allegedly accomplished, at least in part, by two shepherds.

Having arrived together on the beach with their flock, they noticed a young woman who appeared to be floating in the middle of the sea.  The men threw themselves into the water to save her but because of a strong storm, they were drowned.

The young woman was the daughter of Neptune, the God of the Sea.  So, Neptune himself, in admiration of the courage that the two shepherds had demonstrated, decided to transform them into two big rocks surrounded by other smaller formations that were reminiscent of their sheep.

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